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Right now I am kind of in a bind. My oldest daughter just turned 13 years old. My wife and I made a deal with her that when she did so she could begin babysitting her younger siblings. I had to inform the current sitter of the situation and she cried. It felt like a breakup in high school or something!

It felt like a breakup because that was just what it was. I used to pay her a little extra on the side to suck my cock on the ride home. Now she is broke and has no job. I am heart broken over the fact that I won’t be getting that blowjob anymore. This shit sucks!

Then again… It doesn’t have to suck. I found NatashSquirtX at and fuck me if she doesn’t resemble my kids old babysitter. Now I can have sex when I am ready. Every time my wife takes the kids out on errands I pop on the computer and hit up my new sweetheart!

There are lots of teen cams to choose from. I usually find the girls in schoolgirl outfits and spy on them for a while. After I see how they interact with others in the free chat I choose a spunky girl I know will not say no to all of the kinky things I want to do to her.

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