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Back when I use to punch a clock we had this yummy little teen that worked with us named Kacey. When she started at the company she was jailbait. A little cock tease that would purposefully wear a t-shirt with no bra knowing we would have to take bathroom breaks after staring at her small tits.

On Kacey’s 18th birthday I put a plan together to bang this little girl. She had a habit of milking the clock. Punching in three to four minutes early and punching out three to four minutes late. Over time this little trick made her some extra cash. Now it was time to make her pay for her naughty ways!

I called Kacey 18 to the office to discuss her clock milking. I informed her that this was grounds for termination and that I had to take these kinds of things seriously. Kacey’s eyes teared up and she asked if I was firing her.

Motioning to Kacey to sit down, I moved in behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. I caressed her shoulders and neck. Softly I told her it doesn’t need to come to that. I had set the office temperature down to 70 degrees and it was having an amazing effect on her young nipples.

Kacey 18 looked down at her nipples and a light went off in her head. I think she was thinking, “Maybe if I fuck my boss we can have a give and take relationship. Maybe I can get things from him!”

Right then she grabbed my hands and brought them to her teenage tits. I was in heaven. Only a day ago this girl was jailbait. Today she is open game and I am going to be the first to bag her!

My cock swelled in my pants and poked Kacey on the arm. She grabbed my hand and brought me around to face her. Next, Kacey 18 undid my fly and pulled my meaty cock out. I had never had my cock blown by a girl with braces before so I didn’t know what to expect.

Like and expert Kacey kept those dastardly braces away from my glands. This girl wasn’t just looking to keep her job. She wanted a promotion. With her soft tongue working my man meat I was considering giving it to her… The promotion… and the meat!

Kacey stood up and then sat me down. She hiked up her skirt and straddled my legs. With one deft move she pulled her panties over and buried my cock into her tender teen pussy. It was super tight, but she was super wet. My cock was touching her cervix in no time.

While Kacey 18 rubbed her clit on the base of my cock, the head of my cock thumbed past her cervix. Hearing her orgasmic moans and feeling the extra tight pussy clamping down on my cock was too much. Right as her orgasm subsided I pushed her off of me. Kacey was hot, but I didn’t feel like having any kids any time soon.

Kacey then bent down and used that expert mouth on my cock again. Once she steadied herself on her knees she went to work on my meat like a true porn star. I wondered how much practice this girl has had. There is no way a barely legal babe blows cock this good on her first try!

It didn’t take long for my balls to tighten and my cock to blow. Hot gobs of my spew hit the back on Kacey’s throat and she gagged. The extra tightness of her lips only made me blow even more… only much harder!

Kacey 18 works hard to keep the men in her life satisfied and happy. She will do anything including anal. You can watch her masturbate her angel pussy or watch her suck the cock of babysitter dads. With tons of Point of View Kacey 18 videos, it is easy to imagine Kacey is sucking on your throbbing cock!

Kacey 18 – Teenage Butt


Teenage butt. The first thing to go when a high schooler grows up into a woman. While her tits get bigger and better, her ass gets flabby and dimply!

If I was asked to give a speech during a high school graduation ceremony it would go something like, “Hold on to that ass, girls. Or better yet, flaunt it now while you still can! Wear g-strings at the beach and short skirts while you still have it because it isn’t going to be there much longer!”

Kacey 18 got the memo on that one. She has been flaunting her ass since long before she was a legal lay and now that she is barely legal, she flaunts it even more!

This young cutie found out early that she could use that tight ass as a bargaining chip. If she wanted an extra tip after babysitting all she had to do is accidentally bend over in front of the daddy. Once she was legal she found out just how much guys would pay to fuck an ass like that. Kacey 18 began charging $25 to watch the kids and another $100 to fuck her anal.

As with most relationships, Kacey’s relationship with her money making ass grew older… and bolder. Now Kacey18 is sharing her ass on the Internet. She figured she can only babysit once or twice a week, but she can entertain guys on the net 24/7!

Tune in to Kacey18.com and spank that teenage ass before it’s gone!

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