They’ll Babysit Your Erection

Babysitting has to be the easiest gig on the planet. Young babes are signing up everywhere to sit on their asses and watch tv while you’re at work and take your money for doing it. Most of the time they barely even play with the kids. Hell, I had this one babysitter I was paying $12 an hour to watch movies late at night while I was working night shift.

One day my cable bill came and I found she had ordered some adult videos. I thought this was quite brazen of her, and imagined maybe she had a boyfriend over and was fucking him on my couch with my kids upstairs. So I got one of those nanny cams and hid it on my mantle in a clock. As it turns out this little whore was finger fucking her pussy after the kids went to bed every night. I didn’t even complain or ever bring it up. I just got my rocks off watching her, until the one day I came home early before she was done..

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Fucking Teen Babysitters