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Right now I am kind of in a bind. My oldest daughter just turned 13 years old. My wife and I made a deal with her that when she did so she could begin babysitting her younger siblings. I had to inform the current sitter of the situation and she cried. It felt like a breakup in high school or something!

It felt like a breakup because that was just what it was. I used to pay her a little extra on the side to suck my cock on the ride home. Now she is broke and has no job. I am heart broken over the fact that I won’t be getting that blowjob anymore. This shit sucks!

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Most girls that are sexually active these days seem to be bisexual. It is almost as though you could interchange the two words, bisexual and girls. The reality of it is that girls were always into each other. Even way back when. Now it is just that they are more open about it.

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