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Kacey 18 – Prom Night

Like most teenagers about to graduate high school Kacey 18 was looking forward to her prom. Her only problem was she didn’t have any cash to buy a cute dress.

Wanting to help a young girl achieve her dreams one of the dads Kacey babysat for took her to get a really sexy pink and black dress. To show her appreciation Kacey 18 put it on and modeled it for him. She was shocked by his reaction to seeing her teenage body in such a tight garment.

Kacey is no prude. She let this father spread her ass cheeks and poke her butt with his cock. With his precum oozing out of the tip it was no surprise when his cock slid right into her ass. Like a true champ Kacey 18 went ass to mouth before guzzling up all of his sperm.

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Babysitter Blowjob Videos

Kacey18 originally got into babysitting to make some money for a car and to save for college. She had no idea just how lucrative babysitting could be. Often when Kacey got done babysitting the father of the kids propositioned her for sex. Kacey began trading sex for cold hard cash!

Then Kacey 18 got an idea. What if she made babysitter blowjob videos of her escapades and threatened to turn in the videos over to their wives? Surely these guys would pay her a lot more than the $25 a blowjob they were paying now.

Sooner than she ever imagined Kacey saved up enough cash to buy her very first car. She even had money left over to get really cool seat covers so her heated sex sessions wouldn’t stain the leather.

Now Kacey has enough videos and pictures of her sexual endeavors to create her own porn site Kacey18.com. There you can watch the babysitter give it up to guys and watch her masturbation videos too!

Kacey 18 Getting Fucked!

Babysitting is a boring job. After the kids go to bed there is really nothing else to do. Girls can watch TV or read a book, but that gets old after a while. In order to spice things up girls often invite their boyfriends over. If they can’t find an available guy they dream about them making their teenage pussies super wet with desire for a cock.

Kacey 18 is one such babysitter. She can’t get enough cock inside her tender little pussy to satisfy her cravings for very long. On one night she found herself needing cock so bad she hit on the kids father while he was driving her home!

It turned out Kacey’s mom was still at the bar so she invited her new found babysitter lover inside for a tour of her house. Once in her room she gave him a tour of her teenage body. It started with her small tits and ended at her tight virgin pussy.

Kacey18.com updates weekly with a new babysitter sex video and/or teen masturbation video. Kacey is super horny so she is adding something to her site every couple of days. As a member you can get access to her friends sites for one low price. Check the join page for more details.

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