Kacey 18 – Prom Night

Like most teenagers about to graduate high school Kacey 18 was looking forward to her prom. Her only problem was she didn’t have any cash to buy a cute dress.

Wanting to help a young girl achieve her dreams one of the dads Kacey babysat for took her to get a really sexy pink and black dress. To show her appreciation Kacey 18 put it on and modeled it for him. She was shocked by his reaction to seeing her teenage body in such a tight garment.

Kacey is no prude. She let this father spread her ass cheeks and poke her butt with his cock. With his precum oozing out of the tip it was no surprise when his cock slid right into her ass. Like a true champ Kacey 18 went ass to mouth before guzzling up all of his sperm.

You can watch Kacey getting ass fucked at Kacey18.com. She uploads another hardcore babysitter video each week. Many of the vids are shot point of view (POV) style so you can pretend you are the one fucking her!

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