Kacey 18 Pussy Munching


You might be thinking, “Uh oh! Tastes like chicken, smells like fish!”

But you couldn’t be further from the truth. Kacey 18 is a young girl and young girls seem to eat things that don’t turn into foul smelling vagina parts! On top of that hormonally she has everything in check. And to put some icing on that cake, she shaves her pussy clean as a whistle. Add it all up and her vagina pie tastes like pussy juice!

Being older and having been around the world I wouldn’t dream of munching on anything but teenage pussy. Why lap up some other guys sloppy seconds?

To get primo teenage pussy to munch on you need to go barely legal. Find girls that are 18 years old and in their prime. Kacey 18 is a good start, but with a Tiny Teen Pass you can experiment with girls like Chloe 18, Little Summer, Little Lupe (careful, she is a handful), the Milton Twins, the Texas Twins and then start branching out into each and every one of the 30 sites that come in the pass!

It’s enough to make you hungry… for some barely legal pussy!

Tight Pussy on Lil Maya


I was going through the search logs and noticed lots of searches for tight pussy. So today I am going to switch things up and talk about Lil Maya and her extremely tight pussy.

Both Lil Maya and Kacey 18 are part of the Tiny Teen Pass. With one password you can access over 20 solo model sites and there are no download restrictions!

Lil Maya is one of my favorite girls in the network because she loves to play up her barely legal looks. She also prefers to wear her training bra with matching cotton print panties. It is like banging your best friends sister!


Members will appreciate the fact that she does all of the things a normal teen girl would do. She has pussy shaving videos. Maya does photo sets where she explores her brothers porno mag collection. She invites friends over to talk about boys and practice kissing. You know… Chick stuff!

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Tiny Teen Pass


That is one fine ass!

Kacey 18 is the babysitter on a mission. She wants a car, the newest clothes and spending cash for nights out with friends. Unfortunately her babysitting money doesn’t even get past the clothes part!

So Kacey decided to change things up a bit. Now she is getting paid like the big girls. Kacey 18 is using that fine ass of hers to make cold hard cash hand over fist! When the dads of the children she is babysitting drop her off she lets them know she likes anal!


Kacey isn’t alone in her quest for cash. Other girls in the Tiny Teen Pass like Lil Kimmy are also going the extra mile to make ends meet. It is so cute. Their parents are so happy to see their daughters succeeding in life, but have no idea their little girls are trading anal sex to fulfill their dreams!

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Little Bree Schoolgirl


If all you got with your Kacey 18 membership were Kacey18.com that would be plenty enough of a reason to join. But you get a lot more than that!

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Try them out and see if it doesn’t feel like a blast from the past. I bet watching videos of barely legal cuties in their print cotton panties and pastel colors will be enough to knock ten years off of how old you feel!

Anyone that claims there is no fountain of youth has never seen the Tiny Teen Pass girls in action! Prove ’em wrong!

Kacey 18 – Summer Time


I just figured I’d heat things up with a little bit of some teenage ass. Kace 18 is keeping you warm even in the dead of winter with her teenage goodies. She has some perky tits, braces, a killer tan, a killer ass and the tightest teen snatch you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

With your Kacey 18 password you are treated to the hottest babysitter sex ever filmed. All of your sickest fantasies are put to video and you can download every last one of them!

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Kacey 18 – Proud Supporter


Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and you too can be a proud “supporter” of some 18 year old, teenage, babysitter tits!

Kacey 18 is the babysitter ever dad dreams of. A girl that isn’t too shy to ask for some extra cash! She has even been known to make house calls while the kids and mom are at grandma’s house!

Her First Big Cock


You know, there is nothing better then showing a girl your dick for her first time. In the video above you get to see Kacey 18 give her reaction to seeing her first big cock. Seeing her eyes light up and her mouth open wide really brings me back to girlfriends I’ve had in the past!

Some of the girls I have dated had little brothers and performed some of the motherly duties like bathing them and what not. They think they know everything about the male anatomy until they see an older guys cock for the first time. They can’t believe how big it is and then they get a little scared as they wonder… “How is that big thing ever going to fit inside my tiny pussy?”

Kacey 18 is the girl next door. She babysits and she needs cash just like any other girl her age. Sometimes the babysitter wages just don’t cut it and she looks for tips!

Watch the video as she sucks this guys cock and lets him play with her perky titties before he jizzes all over her pretty little face!

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Kacey 18 : Fucking the Sitter


If you have ever come home drunk from a night on the town with the wife and she decided to pass out before the nookie session, this site is for you! Kacey 18 is one hell of a hot-bodied babysitter that loves getting tipped for things like handjobs, anal and receiving a messy facial!

Kacey 18 – I Love Summertime!


It is summertime here in America and what better way to usher it in then watching a hot teen with a sweet ass cool off? Don’t feel bad or dirty about looking either because Kacey 18 loves this kind of abuse!

Kacey18.com follows this seemingly sweet babysitter as she shows her deviant side. Men with the best intentions are no match for her. You could say that Kacey 18 treats these guys as if they were her own personal ATM machine. When she needs some extra spending cash for the weekend she offers them things their wives would never do. Things like anal sex and messy facials!

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Kacey 18 – Perfect Teen Body


I don’t know about you, but my babysitters never had a body like Kacey 18 has. Seriously, I think teens are getting hotter and hotter at an early age these days. My kids dream of fucking their babysitter and I have to admit, so do I…

I’d never do it though. I just couldn’t deal with all of the crap if anybody found out. I can cyber-fuck Kacey 18 though. I hit her from the back at least once a week. All of her videos are shot in the point of view style so it’s like you are there pile-driving her!

Like most guys I love variety and I am sure you do too. The Tiny Teen Pass gives you twenty teens for one price. It is insane. How do these people make any money?

Little Liana

Did you get with a girl that doesn’t like to do anything kinky? Perhaps you married your high school sweetheart and since then she has turned into your suburban housewife nightmare?

If you answered yes to either question or don’t have a GF or a wife to complain about, don’t worry, Tiny Teen Pass has you covered. The Tiny Teen Pass features unlimited access to 18 solo model sites!

Watch girls like Little Liana and Kacey 18 as they fuck their boyfriends and the men from their babysitter jobs. These girls take kinky to whole new levels and you can watch all of it right now!

Kacey 18 – Babysitter Jerkoff


There is no doubt that babysitter porn is all the rage these days. Girls like Kacey 18 make banging the babysitter fantasies fun. The fact that she does a lot of her videos in the point of view style makes the fantasy all the more real. With a Fleshlight things only get more insane!

Getting one teen isn’t enough though… Especially when you can get fifteen teen girls for one low price. Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and enjoy Kacey 18 and all of her barely legal friends!

Kacey 18 – Babysitter Auditions

clip03 I have never run babysitter auditions before. After watching several of the videos at Kacey 18 I sure as hell wish that I did!

This kinky high school senior is a full service babysitter. She is always looking for a ride after you and your wife arrive home from a night on the town and she always leaves you with a nice little night cap I like to call her mouth!

Kacey 18 will let you do it how ever you want. Don’t get me wrong, business is business and fucking her tiny ass doesn’t come cheap. I guess you have to look at it as you pay your wife tens of thousands a year and have never even tapped her hiney, but Kacey will let you do it for $50. Works for me!

Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and get Kacey 18, Tiny Tyler, Little Summer, Little Lupe and more solo models for one low price. Then you can fuck one every day of the week!

Kacey 18 – Bedtime Masturbation

The teenage years are a strange time for girls. They want to get laid, but sometimes they can’t find any cock. Even Kacey 18 has this problem and she is a fucky-fucky sucky-sucky sort of babysitter!

When she doesn’t have any real cock to suck on and her pussy is aching Kacey 18 resorts to fingers and toys. In the videos above she rubs her clit and finger bangs her tight pussy. Its never quite enough to do it herself so she regularly finds another babysitting gig.

Lets be honest here. Kacey 18 isn’t exactly a ten. That is actually her biggest selling point. Guys know she is going to go the “extra mile” to make them happy customers. She even lets them fuck her in the ass. Something she has grown to enjoy!

Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and watch Kacey 18 and all of her teenage friends like Tiny Tyler and Little Summer share their sexual experiences for all to see. You get twelve girls in all and in this economy that equals a kickass deal!

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