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That is one fine ass!

Kacey 18 is the babysitter on a mission. She wants a car, the newest clothes and spending cash for nights out with friends. Unfortunately her babysitting money doesn’t even get past the clothes part!

So Kacey decided to change things up a bit. Now she is getting paid like the big girls. Kacey 18 is using that fine ass of hers to make cold hard cash hand over fist! When the dads of the children she is babysitting drop her off she lets them know she likes anal!


Kacey isn’t alone in her quest for cash. Other girls in the Tiny Teen Pass like Lil Kimmy are also going the extra mile to make ends meet. It is so cute. Their parents are so happy to see their daughters succeeding in life, but have no idea their little girls are trading anal sex to fulfill their dreams!


Little April opened the whole teen niches years ago. Before her site opened producers were a bit shy about using real teens or depicting what teens are really like. They didn’t put them in teen panties or training bras even though their boobies were just beginning to bud!

With LittleApril.com all of that changed. April’s site is now included in the Tiny Teen Pass! Get 18 solo models and several multi-model sites for one ultra low price… $1


Chloe 18 was another early addition to the teen niche. She is the girl next door! So many of her galleries will have you thinking, Holy Shit, I think I know this girl!

Along with the pics you get the videos. Young hotties in skimpy panties, girls experimenting with bisexuality and just looking too cute!

Watch the video of Cute Cristina and decide for yourself whether this is the right pass for you!

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