Amazing Rope-Work

Of all the kink stuff and the list is extensive, rope-work is my personal favourite. I guess like most fetishes for most people there isn’t exactly something specific you can point out as the absolute reason why it works for you. It just is, like your favourite colour, in a way I guess.

I have zero experience unfortunately beyond watching it and at that never live and for now honestly that is good enough for me.

Looking at this pic though, I can’t help but to wonder in how much discomfort this gorgeous girl is. Doesn’t it look like those straps are cutting into her.

Perhaps just enough to add to the exhilaration of it and add even more pleasure? I have so much to learn.

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I thought I’d come share about the opportunity because perhaps more of you are like me and would like to grab such a membership as this at a great price. Perhaps you are also curious and want to learn more or perhaps you’re an avid fetishist already.

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