Kacey 18 – Babysitter Jerkoff


There is no doubt that babysitter porn is all the rage these days. Girls like Kacey 18 make banging the babysitter fantasies fun. The fact that she does a lot of her videos in the point of view style makes the fantasy all the more real. With a Fleshlight things only get more insane!

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Kacey 18

kacey18 Some would say you are a guy with issues. Let’s be honest, every guy wants to bang the babysitter. The problem isn’t wanting to bang her, it is actually doing it. If you do it, you lose everything you have worked for thus far. If you don’t, the urges get worse and worse.

Kacey 18 is the perfect outlet for a guy like you. She is there to help you with your sexual frustration and she doesn’t mind if you do thing you wife won’t. Kacey might even suggest you put it in her butt.

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Kacey 18 – Nice Tits!


How long as his been since your wives tits looked like the rack Kacey 18 is sporting? What’s that? They never were this pert and mashable? Don’t worry, Kacey doesn’t mind sharing and she won’t tell your wife.

Kacey 18 is that babysitter we all wished we had. Her body is the raw material that wet dreams are made of. Whether you are a grown man or a boy her age, her body is irresistible. Kacey is open to anything, including anal!

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Kacey 18 – Babysitter Auditions

clip03 I have never run babysitter auditions before. After watching several of the videos at Kacey 18 I sure as hell wish that I did!

This kinky high school senior is a full service babysitter. She is always looking for a ride after you and your wife arrive home from a night on the town and she always leaves you with a nice little night cap I like to call her mouth!

Kacey 18 will let you do it how ever you want. Don’t get me wrong, business is business and fucking her tiny ass doesn’t come cheap. I guess you have to look at it as you pay your wife tens of thousands a year and have never even tapped her hiney, but Kacey will let you do it for $50. Works for me!

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Kacey 18 – Pussy Pie


When was the last time you had a taste of that teenage pussy pie? Tasted that indescribable taste of virgin territory? Controlled a girl with your tongue like a puppet master pulling strings? Made her orgasm bigger than she ever had before? Left her worshipping your tongue?

Kacey 18 has one of the tastiest looking pussies I have seen in a long time and I write blog posts daily. I have been doing this for four years now. I have seen a lot of pussy. This is premium quality pussy!

Along with having a nice snatch Kacey 18 has some delectable titties. So pert and firm. Perfect little scoops of pleasure. In fact, her whole entire body screams, “Fuck me now!”

Just about the only caveat with this bitch is to watch out for her braces. Catch one of those on your cock and you are going to have a hard time explaining that one to the wife. Hmm, lets see… I tried blowing you in the car on the way home and you said no, but your cock was intact. Then you gave Kacey18 a ride home and your cock has a big gash in it… hmm… Divorce!

Seriously, have fun with this one. She is a pro even though she is barely legal. She even will let you do her anally if you give her a tip!

Kacey 18 – Little Butt

Most girls don’t have a little butt. They have a bubble butt. Not Kacey 18. She has a tiny butt. She has a tiny body!

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Kacey 18 – Milking It

Back when I use to punch a clock we had this yummy little teen that worked with us named Kacey. When she started at the company she was jailbait. A little cock tease that would purposefully wear a t-shirt with no bra knowing we would have to take bathroom breaks after staring at her small tits.

On Kacey’s 18th birthday I put a plan together to bang this little girl. She had a habit of milking the clock. Punching in three to four minutes early and punching out three to four minutes late. Over time this little trick made her some extra cash. Now it was time to make her pay for her naughty ways!

I called Kacey 18 to the office to discuss her clock milking. I informed her that this was grounds for termination and that I had to take these kinds of things seriously. Kacey’s eyes teared up and she asked if I was firing her.

Motioning to Kacey to sit down, I moved in behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. I caressed her shoulders and neck. Softly I told her it doesn’t need to come to that. I had set the office temperature down to 70 degrees and it was having an amazing effect on her young nipples.

Kacey 18 looked down at her nipples and a light went off in her head. I think she was thinking, “Maybe if I fuck my boss we can have a give and take relationship. Maybe I can get things from him!”

Right then she grabbed my hands and brought them to her teenage tits. I was in heaven. Only a day ago this girl was jailbait. Today she is open game and I am going to be the first to bag her!

My cock swelled in my pants and poked Kacey on the arm. She grabbed my hand and brought me around to face her. Next, Kacey 18 undid my fly and pulled my meaty cock out. I had never had my cock blown by a girl with braces before so I didn’t know what to expect.

Like and expert Kacey kept those dastardly braces away from my glands. This girl wasn’t just looking to keep her job. She wanted a promotion. With her soft tongue working my man meat I was considering giving it to her… The promotion… and the meat!

Kacey stood up and then sat me down. She hiked up her skirt and straddled my legs. With one deft move she pulled her panties over and buried my cock into her tender teen pussy. It was super tight, but she was super wet. My cock was touching her cervix in no time.

While Kacey 18 rubbed her clit on the base of my cock, the head of my cock thumbed past her cervix. Hearing her orgasmic moans and feeling the extra tight pussy clamping down on my cock was too much. Right as her orgasm subsided I pushed her off of me. Kacey was hot, but I didn’t feel like having any kids any time soon.

Kacey then bent down and used that expert mouth on my cock again. Once she steadied herself on her knees she went to work on my meat like a true porn star. I wondered how much practice this girl has had. There is no way a barely legal babe blows cock this good on her first try!

It didn’t take long for my balls to tighten and my cock to blow. Hot gobs of my spew hit the back on Kacey’s throat and she gagged. The extra tightness of her lips only made me blow even more… only much harder!

Kacey 18 works hard to keep the men in her life satisfied and happy. She will do anything including anal. You can watch her masturbate her angel pussy or watch her suck the cock of babysitter dads. With tons of Point of View Kacey 18 videos, it is easy to imagine Kacey is sucking on your throbbing cock!

Kacey 18 – Teenage Butt


Teenage butt. The first thing to go when a high schooler grows up into a woman. While her tits get bigger and better, her ass gets flabby and dimply!

If I was asked to give a speech during a high school graduation ceremony it would go something like, “Hold on to that ass, girls. Or better yet, flaunt it now while you still can! Wear g-strings at the beach and short skirts while you still have it because it isn’t going to be there much longer!”

Kacey 18 got the memo on that one. She has been flaunting her ass since long before she was a legal lay and now that she is barely legal, she flaunts it even more!

This young cutie found out early that she could use that tight ass as a bargaining chip. If she wanted an extra tip after babysitting all she had to do is accidentally bend over in front of the daddy. Once she was legal she found out just how much guys would pay to fuck an ass like that. Kacey 18 began charging $25 to watch the kids and another $100 to fuck her anal.

As with most relationships, Kacey’s relationship with her money making ass grew older… and bolder. Now Kacey18 is sharing her ass on the Internet. She figured she can only babysit once or twice a week, but she can entertain guys on the net 24/7!

Tune in to Kacey18.com and spank that teenage ass before it’s gone!

Kacey 18 – Bedtime Masturbation

The teenage years are a strange time for girls. They want to get laid, but sometimes they can’t find any cock. Even Kacey 18 has this problem and she is a fucky-fucky sucky-sucky sort of babysitter!

When she doesn’t have any real cock to suck on and her pussy is aching Kacey 18 resorts to fingers and toys. In the videos above she rubs her clit and finger bangs her tight pussy. Its never quite enough to do it herself so she regularly finds another babysitting gig.

Lets be honest here. Kacey 18 isn’t exactly a ten. That is actually her biggest selling point. Guys know she is going to go the “extra mile” to make them happy customers. She even lets them fuck her in the ass. Something she has grown to enjoy!

Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and watch Kacey 18 and all of her teenage friends like Tiny Tyler and Little Summer share their sexual experiences for all to see. You get twelve girls in all and in this economy that equals a kickass deal!

Kacey 18 – Masturbating Clit

Once you get a password to Kacey 18 you will stop wondering why guys are so happy to use babysitters. Women always think about the children and come to the conclusion that the couple should just stay home. Not the men. They know having their kids watched by a babysitter is a win-win!

First off, the night is awesome. The woman is so happy to have such an attentive husband and she figures the kids are in good hands. After all, her husband said this babysitter comes “highly recommended”. Little does she know why she is highly recommended…

Second, once he gets the wife tired out and ready to take a shower and sleep, he can catch a second wind with Kacey 18. She is always ready to perform whatever he wants. Handjobs, blowjobs, anal, she likes it all!

Sometimes though, even Kacey 18 strikes out… But that doesn’t mean we have too!

When this teenage babysitter does get laid we get to watch her masturbate with her favorite vibrators. In the masturbation videos above she is rubbing her hard clit with a red vibrator until she cums. Undoubtedly she is dreaming of your swollen cock filling her tight teenage pussy.

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Kacey 18 – Tight Ass

kacey18-firm-ass This is one of those times where being called a tight ass is a good thing. It isn’t often you see an ass this remarkable on a babysitter. Kacey 18 is the type of teenage girl that doesn’t mind if you check her out. You know, undress her with your eyes. In fact, the way this little cutie is flirting with you, I think she wants you to look!

Kacey waited to have sex for a long time. Holding out for so long actually worked against her staying a virgin. She masturbated every night dreaming about the men she babysat for and eventually masturbation just wasn’t enough. She needed a big, adult sized cock!

As they say, once you start, there is no stopping you. Kacey 18 updates with a new teenage babysitter sex video every week. She also adds picture sets and gives you access to all of her teenage friends when you get a Tiny Teen Pass. Why join one site when you can have twelve!

Little Summer, Little Lupe, Tiny Tyler, Trixie Teen, Teen Topanga, the list goes on! There are even twins, Milton Twins, Texas Twins and more twins! The Tiny Teen Pass is the holy grail of teen porn!

Kacey 18 – Tastes Like Heaven


I can’t truthfully say that I have indeed tasted Kacey 18’s pussy, but if I were asked to guess what it would taste like I would have to answer: Somewhere between maple syrup and heaven.

Kacey 18 has one of the most virgin looking pussies I have come across in my eight years of writing porn reviews. In my personal life I am known for being able to hold out for a long time before cumming. With Kacey18 I am sure that would all change. I couldn’t imagine holding out for more than two minutes. Her pussy is just too damn tight!

In the wild world of babysitting it is said that there is one Kacey 18 for every ten babysitters. Those are some pretty damn good odds if you like fucking the babysitter and who doesn’t fantasize about that?

If you are one of the nine without a Kacey 18 in your life you can head on over to Kacey18.com and still enjoy the next best thing. Point of view videos allow you to feel like you are in on the action. Grab a Fleshlight and you can fantasy fuck this bitch, go ass to mouth on her and more!

Kacey 18 – Personal Fuck-Bunny

Every guy dreams of having his own personal fuck-bunny. Some little slut on the block that is into older men such as yourself. She isn’t a perfect ten, but she isn’t anywhere near a five either. She is perfectly fuckable by anyone’s definition!

Kacey 18 wants to be your personal fuck-bunny. The girl you go to when your day is over. Need to release tension? That is exactly what Kacey 18 is for. With her nimble fingers and her warm mouth she can’t wait to work all of the day’s stress out of your cock.

She can’t do it until you join though. Kacey18.com is already loaded with videos and updates with new ones weekly. Kacey is one girl that is devoid of a bad side. No matter what part of her body is facing the camera it is fappable!

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Kacey 18 – Banging the Babysitter

Let’s face it. Banging the babysitter is a win-win type of situation. You get to fuck an 18 year old hot teen with sweet pert tits and a tight pussy. She gets to experience a real cock being wielded by someone that knows what to do with it.

Kacey 18 is that babysitter you always wanted to fuck. For whatever reason you never got around to it. Now you can online and this girl is ready for anything!

Much of the content at Kacey18.com is shot point of view style so you can get a feel for what it is like banging a teenager. To enhance the experience get a Fleshlight. The leading male sex toy that also makes a great bachelor gift.

To experience Kacey 18 and all of her teenage friends get an All Teen Rev pass. You get twins like the Milton Twins and the Texas Twins, plus, you get solo models like Little Summer, Selina 18, Little Lupe, Trixie Teen and Little Liana. What more could you possibly want?

Kacey 18 – The Good Ol’Days

Remember when your wife’s tits used to be firm and even a bit hard like Kacey 18’s tits above? Remember when she could hold a tan like Kacey 18 without looking like a leather sofa? Boy, those were the days!

Don’t start crying in your milk just yet, pal. This ain’t no country song!

You can still relive those days at Kacey18.com. She doesn’t even mind if you fantasy fuck some of her friends when you get the All Teen Rev pass. Kacey spends a lot of her time blowing cock POV style with that brace face of hers and she also makes masturbation videos too. You can stroke along with Kacey 18 and come at the same time as she is!

So stop crying and start living the life with Kacey 18 by your side!

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