Kacey 18 – Tastes Like Heaven


I can’t truthfully say that I have indeed tasted Kacey 18’s pussy, but if I were asked to guess what it would taste like I would have to answer: Somewhere between maple syrup and heaven.

Kacey 18 has one of the most virgin looking pussies I have come across in my eight years of writing porn reviews. In my personal life I am known for being able to hold out for a long time before cumming. With Kacey18 I am sure that would all change. I couldn’t imagine holding out for more than two minutes. Her pussy is just too damn tight!

In the wild world of babysitting it is said that there is one Kacey 18 for every ten babysitters. Those are some pretty damn good odds if you like fucking the babysitter and who doesn’t fantasize about that?

If you are one of the nine without a Kacey 18 in your life you can head on over to Kacey18.com and still enjoy the next best thing. Point of view videos allow you to feel like you are in on the action. Grab a Fleshlight and you can fantasy fuck this bitch, go ass to mouth on her and more!

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